The Protein Zfand5 Binds and Stabilizes mRNAs with AU-rich Elements in Their 3 prime Untranslated Regions

He, G., et al., 287(30), 24967-24977, J Biological Chemistry, 2012

Identification of novel factors that are involved in regulating cytokine mRNA stability and capable of attenuating host inflammatory responses offers potentially important insights into the pathological basis of diverse inflammatory diseases, and could aid in the development of therapeutic strategies. This study reports that Zfand5 stabilizes class II ARE-mRNAs by binding directly to the ARE-mRNA and competing with tristetraprolin (TTP), a zinc finger-containing protein that destabilizes mRNAs with Class II AREs. The affinity constants for binding of Zfand5/ARE and TTP/ARE were determined using the BLItz system. Biotinylated ARE-RNA was immobilized on Streptavidin biosensors for these experiments.

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