The Peroxisomal Targeting Signal 1 in Sterol Carrier Protein 2 is Autonomous and Essential for Receptor Recognition

Williams, C.P., et al. , 12, 12, BMC Biochemistry, 2011

The majority of peroxisomal matrix proteins destined for translocation into the peroxisomal lumen are recognised via a C-terminal Peroxisomal Target Signal type 1 by the cycling receptor Pex5p. In this study, the contribution of a second receptor-cargo binding motif, SCP2, was investigated. The Octet RED platform was used to determined interaction kinetics between Pex5p(C) wild-type & mutants and four SCP2 variants. Biotinylated Pex5p(C) proteins were immobilized on Streptavidin biosensors for these measurements.

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