Structure and Function of Norrin in Assembly and Activation of a Frizzled 4-Lrp5/6 Complex

Ke J, et al., 27(21), 2305-19, Genes Dev, 2013

This study reports on the expression, purification, crystallization, and structure determination of the growth factor Norrin, and demonstrates that Norrin activates Fz4 through assembly of a complex of Norrin, Fz4, Lrp5/6, and Tspan12. Binding of MBP-Norrin to Fz4-FcH6, Fz8-FcH6, or human IgG was measured using the Octet RED system with Protein A biosensors loaded with Fz4-FcH6, Fz8-FcH6, or human IgG.

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