Self-antigen Recognition by Follicular Lymphoma B Cell Receptors

K.L. Sachen, et al. , 120(20), 4182-90, Blood, 2012

To investigate the hypothesis that self-antigen recognition is involved in the pathogenesis of follicular lymphoma, the authors used recombinant tumor IgG's and evaluated reactivity to human tissue antigens. A self antigen recognized by the B-cell receptor from a patient's tumor, myoferlin, was used to perform clonal analysis of antigen recognition and test the ability to transduce signals through the tumor BCR. The Octet QK system was used for equilibrium affinity measurements for binding of a follicular lymphoma tumor IgG to the self-antigen myoferlin. Streptavidin biosensors loaded with biotinylated goat anti-HA were used to capture recombinant myoferlin-HA for the binding studies.

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