Recombinant HIV Envelope Proteins Fail to Engage Germline Versions of Anti-CD4bs bNAbs

Hoot, S, et al., 9(1): e1003106, PLoS Pathog, 2013

Recombinant HIV envelope glycoproteins (Env) have, so far, not been able to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs). This publication explores whether and how Env immunogens interact with the predicted germline versions of known bNAbs. The Octet QKe system was used to characterize binding of mature and germline IgG b12 with a panel of Envs using two methods, one with IgG b12 loaded onto Anti-Human IgG Fc capture (AHC) biosensors, and the other with His-tagged antigens loaded onto Ni-NTA biosensors.

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