Recognition of the Small Regulatory RNA RydC by the Bacterial Hfq Protein

Dimastrogiovanni D, et al., 3 doi: 10.7554/eLife.05375, Elife, 2014

The authors describe structural and biochemical characterization of RydC (a small RNA from Salmonella sp. and E. coli) binding to Hfq chaperone protein and hence to the cognate mRNA called cfa. The small RNA (sRNA) molecules often use Hfq to facilitate their interaction with mRNA and therefore a precise understanding of the interaction has been warranted. Several biophysical experiments along with X-ray crystallography have eluded into the proposed model in this report. The interaction between cfa mRNA (in vitro transcribed, biotinylated, and immobilized onto streptavidin biosensors) and Hfq analyte (WT & mutant) was carried out in the presence or absence of RydC on the Octet RED96 system using Streptavidin biosensors.

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