Off-rate Screening for Selection of High-affinity Anti-drug Antibodies

Ylera F, et al., 441(2), 208-213, Anal Biochem, 2013

To aid in the development of high-affinity anti-drug antibodies, the authors developed a method for off-rate screening of crude E. coli lysate containing monovalent Fab fragments obtained after phage display of an antibody library. The antibody drugs trastuzumab and cetuximab were used as antigen examples. Using the Octet RED384 system, they demonstrate that antibody off-rates can be reliably determined in crude bacterial lysates with high throughput. AR2G biosensors were used for the cetuximab studies; trastuzumab experiments were performed with biotinylated trastuzumab loaded onto Streptavidin biosensors.

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