Mining the Human Autoantibody Repertoire: Isolation of Potent IL17A-neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies from a Patient with Thymoma

Beerli R, et al., 6(6):1608-20, Mabs, 2014

This article describes the therapeutic potential of neutralizing anticytokine autoantibodies based on the observations pertaining to interleukin-17A (IL17A)-neutralizing autoantibodies isolated from a thymoma patient. IL17A is a proinflammatory cytokine associated with several chronic inflammatory diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis. A mammalian cell display allowed isolation of three specific clonotypes that are capable of neutralizing the IL17A. Several methods including biolayer interferometry (BLI) were employed to characterize several potent IL17A-neutralizing antibodies. Selected IgG1 antibodies were captured using an Octet system equipped with anti-hIgG-Fc-capture (AHC) biosensors and they were screened against recombinant human IL17A analyte. This study demonstrates the potential of human autoantibodies in therapeutic and clinical applications.

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