Mechanism of Human Antibody-Mediated Neutralization of Marburg Virus

Flyak A, et al., 160(5):893-903, Cell, 2015

This article describes the molecular basis of Marburg virus (MARV) neutralization by human antibodies. A large panel of human neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) from B cells of a human survivor of MARV infection was isolated. A Bio-Layer Interferometry based binding competition assay was performed using a Pall ForteBio instrument equipped with biotinylated glycoprotein (GP) or GPΔmuc immobilized onto Streptavidin Biosensor tips. Some of the isolated human survivor antibodies bind to Ebola virus GP. Overall results suggest that MARV-neutralizing antibodies inhibit virus by binding to MARV GP at the predicted region of the receptor-binding site and hence demonstrate the mechanism of filovirus inhibition.

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