LUZ-Y, a Novel Platform for the Mammalian Cell Production of Full-length IgG-bispecific Antibodies

Wranik, B. J., et al., 287(52), 43331-9, J Biol Chem, 2012

The authors present a novel bispecific antibody platform that can be expressed in mammalian cells. These antibodies are referred to as LUX-Ys because a leucine zipper is used to induce heterodimerization of different heavy chains. The Octet system was used to confirm that LUZ-Y antibodies maintained their ability to bind to their cognate antigens. Binding specificity and kinetics were characterized using Anti-Human IgG Fc capture biosensors loaded with one armed anti-HER2 and one armed anti-EGFR LUZ-Ys.

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