Influenza Human Monoclonal Antibody 1F1 Interacts with Three Major Antigenic Sites and Residues Mediating Human Receptor Specificity in H1N1 Viruses

Tsibane, T., et al., 8(12):e1003067, PLoS Pathog, 2012

This study focusses on the influenza human monoclonal antibody 1F1, which was isolated from a 1918 influenza pandemic survivor and shows an unusual breadth of inhibitory activity. The Octet QK system was used to characterize binding of recombinant 1918 Fabs to recombinant trimerized HIS-tagged hemagglutinin protein containing sequence of 1918 wild-type or avianized variant strains. HIS-tagged proteins were loaded onto Anti-Penta HIS biosensors for the binding studies.

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