Improving Target Cell Specificity Using a Novel Monovalent Bispecific IgG Design

Mazor Y, et al., 7(2):377-89, MAbs, 2015

This article introduces a novel platform called DuetMab for efficient production of monovalent bispecific IgGs. It uses knobs-into-holes (KIH) methodology to heterodimerize two distinct heavy chains while increasing the efficiency of heavy and light chain pairing with an engineered disulfide bond. A Pall ForteBio Octet RED384 instrument was used in the Quantitation and Kinetic Characterization of antibodies. The concentration of DuetMab antibodies in cell-culture supernatants were measured by Protein A biosensor probes in the Quantitation mode. Whereas, the kinetic measurements of DuetMab binding to EGFR and HER2 were performed using the Octet RED384 equipped with anti-human IgG Fc capture (AHC) biosensor probes. Concurrent binding of antibodies to EGFR and HER2 were also tested on the Octet RED384 equipped with AHC and SA biosensor probes.

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