Identification of Conformational Core Epitope Lys68 in C5a Based on the 3-D Modeling Complex C5a and its Functional Antibody F20

Wei, H., et al., 48(12-13), 1377-1383, Molecular Immunology, 2011

C5a is a naturally occuring peptide with potent inflammatory properties. Inhibition of C5a by antibodies has been demonstrated to dramatically improve survival in various sepsis models in mice and rats. The structural basis of C5a mediated bioactivity and C5a antibody mediated neutralization was investigated in this article. Octet RED platform binding assays were performed between anti-C5a antibodies and C5a mutants to investigate the structural basis of C5a bioactivity. Anti-C5a antibody F20 was loaded onto Anti-Mouse IgG Capture biosensors for these binding experiments.

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