Identification of a Human Monoclonal Antibody to Replace Equine Diphtheria Anti-toxin for the Treatment of Diphtheria Intoxication

Sevigny L, et al., 81(11), 3992-4000, Infect Immun, 2013

The authors describe identification of an anti-diphtheria hMAb (315C4) isolated from antibody-secreting cells obtained from a vaccine-immunized human volunteer. The 315C4 antibody neutralized diphtheria toxin in a cell-based cytotoxicity assay and prevented toxin from binding to the known diphtheria receptor, heparin binding-epidermal growth factor-like growth factor. Octet assays were used to determine the affinity of 315C4 for diphtheria toxin, fragment B, and fragment R. Anti-Human IgG biosensors were used for 315C4 immobilization. Toxin binding competition analysis with a panel of neutralizing antibodies was also performed on the Octet system.

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