Hyperglycosylated Stable Core Immunogens Designed to Present the CD4 Binding Site are Preferentially Recognized by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

Ingale J, et al., 88(24):14002-16, J Virol, 2014

In this study, the investigators were trying to obtain antibodies that are capable of focusing mainly the gp120 CD4 binding site (CD4bs), while eliciting a broader neutralization of HIV. They used structure-based engineering of gp120 cores to present cysteine-stabilized CD4bs and glycan masking of the non-neutralizing determinants. By using an Octet RED system, they evaluated the binding interactions between hyperglycosylated core analytes and various CD4bs antibodies. The CD4bs antibodies were captured onto anti-human Fc capture sensors. This approach is successfully focusing antibodies to the CD4bs. However, those antibodies did not neutralize the HIV nor they bound to unmodified gp120.

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