H5N1 Vaccine-Elicited Memory B Cells Are Genetically Constrained by the IGHV Locus in the Recognition of a Neutralizing Epitope in the Hemagglutinin Stem

Wheatley A, et al., 195(2):602-10, J Immunol, 2015

Although it is becoming evident by the recent research that viral hemagglutinin (HA) could be the target for broadly neutralizing antibody responses, the frequency and phenotype of HA stem-specific B cells in vivo are yet to be revealed. This article focuses on HA stem-specific B cell responses following H5N1 vaccination and explains the re-expansion of memory B cells specific for stem epitopes. The kinetic characterization of binding between mAbs and HA were investigated using a Pall ForteBio Octet HTX system equipped with Streptavidin Biosensor probes. Biotinylated HA-trimers captured on to Streptavidin probes were used to screen against Fab of mAbs.

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