Glutathione Activates Virulence Gene Expression of an Intracellular Pathogen

Reniere M, et al., 517(7533):170-3, Nature, 2015

The study aimed at the biochemical mechanism by which the transcription factor PrfA detects the intracellular environment. A genetic approach involving a selection in macrophages helped to understand how Listeria monocytogenes recognizes and responds to the mammalian cell cytosol. The requirement of glutathione for virulence was suggested. The binding of glutathione to the wild-type or PrfA(C/A)4 proteins were investigated using a Pall ForteBio Octet RED384 system equipped with Ni-NTA biosensor probes. His-tagged proteins immobilized onto the Ni-NTA biosensors were used to evaluate the binding with glutathione or reduced glutathione.

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