Cytokine Binding by Polysaccharide-Antibody Conjugates

Sun, L.T., et al., 7(5), 1769-1777, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2010

Monoclonal antibodies against interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor were conjugated to a variety of polysaccharides and tested for cytokine binding and neutralization. Polysaccharide-antibody conjugate/cytokine binding affinites were determined using the Octet QK system. Biotinylated antibody or polysaccharide-antibody conjugates were immobilized on Streptavidin biosensors for these experiments. All conjugates had pM binding affinity constants. Some variation in dissociation constants was noted, suggesting that conjugation to a high MW polysaccharide did not interfere with formation of the complex with cytokine, but could affect the complex's stability.

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