Changes in the Oligomerization Potential of the Division Inhibitor UgtP Co-ordinate Bacillus Subtilis Cell Size with Nutrient Availability

A.C. Chien, et al., 86(3), 594-610, Molecular Microbiology, 2012

The glycotransferase UgtP interacts directly with cell division protein FtsZ to inhibit cell division and increase cell size in Bacillus subtilis. Nutrient-dependent changes to UgtP's potential to oligomerize or bind to FtsZ were found to be regulated by the presence of FtsZ and by levels of UDP-glucose. The Octet RED96 system was used to identify difference in affinity of UgtP for itself in the presence and absence of UDP-glucose using biotinylated Thio-UgtP and Streptavidin biosensors.

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