Bacterial Cytoplasmic Display Platform Retained Display (ReD) Identifies Stable Human Germline Antibody Frameworks

Beasley M, et al., 10(5):783-9, Biotechnol J, 2015

Discussed in this article is the development of a novel cytoplasmic display platform namely, the Retained Display (ReD). The methodology eliminates certain difficulties inherent to conventional antibody display approaches. As a proof of concept, the authors applied this methodology to screen for human scFv frameworks. The kinetic characterization of -mAG1 involved a Pall ForteBio BLItz system. The Streptavidin Biosensor probes used in these assays captured biotinylated -mAG1. The lysate containing soluble -mAG1 scFv were subjected to binding with immobilized -mAG1 target protein. Authors highlight the ability of this method to rapidly develop antibodies against infectious diseases and agents of bioterrorism concerns.

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