Adhiron: A Stable and Versatile Peptide Display Scaffold for Molecular Recognition Applications

Tiede C, et al., 27(5):145-55, Protein Eng Des Sel, 2014

The authors performed structural and functional analysis of a new non-antibody artificial binding protein scaffold designated Adhiron, that was derived from modifications on the consensus sequence of the plant-derived phytocystatin, an protein inhibitor of cysteine proteases. To determine the use of adhirons as research reagents, binding to SUMO protein and as well as various peptide substrates were tested and binding affinities were determine on the BLItz system as a confirmation of the affinities measured by isothermal titration calorimetry. Streptavidin biosensors were used. This work validated the use of the BLItz system for rapid estimation of binding affinity ranges of Adhiron and suggests and efficient method to better drug design.

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