A Small Molecule Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) Inhibitor, Targeting Y397 site: 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3,5,7-triaza-1-azoniatricyclo[,7]decane; Bromide Effectively Inhibits FAK Autophosphorylation Activity and Decreases Cancer Cell

Golubovskaya, V.M., et al., 33(5), 1004-1013, Carcinogenesis, 2012

Y11 is a small molecule that was identified using computer modeling to target the main autophosphorylation site of FAK (Y397), a protein tyrosine kinase that is overexpressed in most solid tumors. The Octet RED system was used to characterize Y11 binding to the N-terminal domain of FAK containing the Y397 site. Biotinylated FAK N-terminal domain was immobilized on Super Streptavidin biosensors for these measurements.

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