A Phospha-oseltamivir-biotin Conjugate as a Strong and Selective Adhesive for the Influenza Virus

Streicher H, et al., 24(7):1805-7, Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2014

The article describes an approach for selective immobilization of influenza virus onto BLI biosensors. In particular, it describes the synthesis of a biotin conjugated influenza neuraminidase (NA) inhibitor known as oseltamivir. The biotinylated version of the molecule inhibits influenza virus neuraminidase in the same range as the parent compound. Due to slow off-rate, the NA bound conjugate (biotinylated oseltamivir) can form a stable NA-coated surface on a streptavidin (SA) biosensor. The article also reports picomolar range binding of purified H3N2 X31 virus on to these pre-loaded biosensors. This strategy could be helpful for immobilization of viruses on to BLI-biosensors and for studying virus-antibody interactions. The compound may be useful in developing preliminary assays for influenza diagnosis and vaccine development. They used an Octet RED system to perform these assays.

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