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A novel antisense oligonucleotide targeting survivin expression induces apoptosis and sensitizes lung cancer cells to chemotherapy

RA Olie, AP Simões-Wüst, B Baumann, SH Leech… - Cancer research, 2000 - AACR

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Enhanced functions of osteoblasts on nanometer diameter carbon fibers

KL Elias, RL Price, TJ Webster - Biomaterials, 2002 - Elsevier

… C for 30 min. Light absorbance of these samples was measured at 570 nm on a SpectraMax 190 (Molecular Devices, Corp.) with computer software (SoftMax Pro 3.12; Molecular Devices, Corp.). Total intracellular protein (expressed …

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An alternative approach to depigmentation by soybean extracts via inhibition of the PAR-2 pathway

C Paine, E Sharlow, F Liebel, M Eisinger… - Journal of investigative …, 2001 - Elsevier

… Data were collected using Softmax Pro 3.0 software (Molecular Devices), and were analyzed using SigmaPlot 5.0 (SPSS Science) and SigmaStat 2.0 (SPSS Science) software. Each experiment was performed in six replicates and was repeated at least three times …

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Development and characterization of a standardized ELISA including a reference serum on each plate to detect antibodies induced by experimental malaria vaccines

K Miura, AC Orcutt, OV Muratova, LH Miller, A Saul… - Vaccine, 2008 - Elsevier … These blank wells were used as the negative control wells (reciprocal number of dilution was assigned as 0). The relation between reciprocal number of the dilution and OD 405 was approximated by a four-parameter hyperbolic curve (SOFTmax PRO ver.3; Molecular Devices …

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Decreased functions of astrocytes on carbon nanofiber materials

JL McKenzie, MC Waid, R Shi, TJ Webster - Biomaterials, 2004 - Elsevier

… were incubated with a solution of copper sulfate and bicinchoninic acid for 30 min at 37°C. The absorbance of the samples was then measured at a light wavelength of 562 nm on a SpectraMax 290 (Molecular Devices, Corp.) with analysis software (SoftMax Pro 3.12; Molecular …

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Accelerated chondrocyte functions on NaOH-treated PLGA scaffolds

GE Park, MA Pattison, K Park, TJ Webster - Biomaterials, 2005 - Elsevier

… incubation, a Stop Solution (Cytotox 96, Promega) was added to each well and light absorbance was determined using a microplate reader and a spectrophotometer (SpectraMax 190, Molecular Devices Corp.) at 490 nm using computer software (SoftMax Pro 3.12, Molecular …

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The protease-activated receptor-2 upregulates keratinocyte phagocytosis

ER Sharlow, CS Paine, L Babiarz, M Eisinger… - J Cell Sci, 2000 -

… Gemini microtiter plate reader (Molecular Devices Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, USA). Data was collected using Softmax ® Pro 3.0 software (Molecular Devices Corporation), and was analyzed using SigmaPlot ® 5.0 (SPSS Science, Chicago, IL, USA) and SigmaStat ® …

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Inhibitory activity of marine sponge-derived natural products against parasitic protozoa

I Orhan, B Şener, M Kaiser, R Brun, D Tasdemir - Marine drugs, 2010 -

In this study, thirteen sponge-derived terpenoids, including five linear furanoterpenes: furospinulosin-1 (1), furospinulosin-2 (2), furospongin-1 (3), furospongin-4 (4), and demethylfurospongin-4 (5); four linear meroterpenes: 2-(hexaprenylmethyl)-2-methylchromenol …

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Characterization of monocyte tissue factor activity induced by IgG antiphospholipid antibodies and inhibition by dilazep

H Zhou, AS Wolberg, RAS Roubey - Blood, 2004 - Am Soc Hematology

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Osteoblast function on nanophase alumina materials: Influence of chemistry, phase, and topography

RL Price, LG Gutwein, L Kaledin… - … Research Part A: An …, 2003 - Wiley Online Library

… an acidic medium. Light absorbance of these samples was measured at 595 nm on a SpectraMax 190 (Molecular Devices Corp.) with computer software (SoftMax Pro 3.12; Molecular Devices Corp.). Total intracellular protein …

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Number of Citations*: 12300

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