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Impact of interspecific interactions on antimicrobial activity among soil bacteria

O Tyc, M van den Berg, S Gerards… - Frontiers in …, 2014 -

… FIGURE 1. Figure 1. Workflow of the high-throughput interaction assay. (A) Overview of the antimicrobial screening: bacteria were inoculated with a Genetix Qpix 2 colony picking robot either in monoculture or in one-to-one interactions on OmniTray™ plates …

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Improved catalytic efficiency and active site modification of 1, 4-β-D-glucan glucohydrolase A from Thermotoga neapolitana by directed evolution

JK McCarthy, A Uzelac, DF Davis… - Journal of Biological …, 2004 - ASBMB

… ml) per well. Transformants of the mutant libraries were picked from the bioassay trays using a Genetix Qpix robotic colony picker. The picking head inoculated 96 wells of a microtiter plate with 96 individual clones. Clones in …

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TelA contributes to the innate resistance of Listeria monocytogenes to nisin and other cell wall-acting antibiotics

B Collins, S Joyce, C Hill, PD Cotter… - Antimicrobial agents and …, 2010 - Am Soc Microbiol

… In each case, only single insertions were seen. The bank was arrayed by using a Qpix II colony-picking robotic system, thus facilitating the rapid screening of 7,000 random mutants for clones that were susceptible to 2 mg/ml Nisaplin (2.5% nisin) in TSA-YE …

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High-throughput sequencing: a failure mode analysis

GS Yang, JM Stott, D Smailus… - BMC …, 2005 -

… Bacterial colonies were picked from the agar plates and arrayed into 384-well microtiter plates (Genetix) containing 60 μl of 2xYT medium + 7.5% glycerol (made in house) using the Genetix QPIX automated colony picker (Genetix) …

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How to Make a Defined Near-Saturation Mutant Library. Case 1: Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

MA Jacobs - Microbial Gene Essentiality: Protocols and …, 2008 - Springer

… 3.2 Arraying. Individual strains were arrayed into 384-well freezer plates using a Qpix colony picking robot (Genetix Ltd.) … Blue/white selection was accomplished using the image analysis software that controls the Qpix robotic colony picker …

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Microarray analysis of genes highly expressed in cercarial stage of Schistosoma japonicum and the characterization of the antigen Sj20H8

S Hu, P ki Law, MC Fung - Acta tropica, 2009 - Elsevier

… Individual colonies were picked with the Qpix automated colony picker (Genetix) and inoculated into Luria broth with 100 μg/ml ampicillin and 10% glycerol in 96-well plates. The cultures were incubated at 37 °C overnight with shaking, then stored at −20 °C until use. 2.3 …

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Creating Custom Software for the Genetix QPixII Colony Picker using the Genetix Developer's Toolkit SDK

S Wilson, Z Radding, T Glavina, J Hesse, S Huynh… - 2005 -

… Displaying colony counts (Figure 1) on the Run tab of the software interface eliminated the necessity of the operators to check the QPix picking log for the colony counts. JGI was also able to log whatever information that was desired …

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Effects of signal sequence on phage-displayed disulfide-stabilized single chain antibody variable fragment (sc-dsFv) libraries

YC Lee, C Chen, CM Yu, YJ Huang, HJ Hsu… - Biochemical and …, 2011 - Elsevier

 … After panning (selection/amplification cycles), single colonies were randomly picked using GENETIX Qpix II colony picker to 96-well deep well culture plates. Each well contained 960 μl 2YT (100 μg/ml of ampicillin and 10 μg/ml of tetracyclin) …

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Near infrared fluorescent biliproteins generated from bacteriophytochrome AphB of Nostoc sp. PCC 7120

C Yuan, HZ Li, K Tang, W Gärtner, H Scheer… - Photochemical & …, 2016 -

… grown at 37 °C for 12 hours and subsequently at 17 °C for 24 hours, the most strongly fluorescing colonies on the agar plates were collected via the channel of excitation around 603–668 nm and fluorescence around 667–732 nm using a model Qpix 420 colony picking system …

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A Yeast-Based Recombination Assay for Homing Endonuclease Activity

JC Epinat - Homing Endonucleases, 2014 - Springer

… The picking is handled manually or by using QPix and QPix II XT colony pickers' robots (Genetix). 2 … 3 Steps of the screening assay in yeast. One yeast strain expressing a Meganuclease is stamped on a nylon membrane using a QPix II colony gridder …

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Number of Citations*: 379

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