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Analysis of P/N leak subtraction of pClamp acquisition software

ZW Liu, LJ Li, CG Liu - Sheng li xue bao:[Acta physiologica Sinica], 2000 -

Using blind whole cell recording technique on rat hippocampal slices, the function and mechanisms of P/N leak subtraction of Clampex program in pClamp acquisition software were studied. The ways of picking up sub-pulse current and properly selecting parameters …

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The role of the beta 4‐subunit in determining the kinetic properties of rat neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine alpha 3‐receptors.

RL Papke, SF Heinemann - The Journal of Physiology, 1991 - Wiley Online Library

… 1989). Digitized records were analysed using the pClamp software package (Axon Instruments), version 5.03 or later. The pClamp program fits event durationdistributions with a non-linear least-squares method using a Levenberg-Marquardt fitting algorithm …

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Na+ activation of the muscarinic K+ channel by a G-protein-independent mechanism.

JINL SuI, KW Chan, DE Logothetis - The Journal of general …, 1996 -

pCLAMP (version 6.01, Axon Instruments) software were used for data acquisition and data analysis, complemented with our own analysis routine … Single-channel records were analyzed using pCLAMP software, complemented with our own analysis routine …

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