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Analyzing illumina gene expression microarray data from different tissues: methodological aspects of data analysis in the metaxpress consortium

C Schurmann, K Heim, A Schillert, S Blankenberg… - PloS one, 2012 -

Microarray profiling of gene expression is widely applied in molecular biology and functional genomics. Experimental and technical variations make meta-analysis of different studies challenging. In a total of 3358 samples, all from German population-based cohorts, we …

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High-Content screening of GPCR activation with MetaXpress, AcuityXpress and the Transfluor assay system

S Catalano, S de Bruin, J Bosworth, N Gliksman, K Best… - … Devices Application Note …, 2005

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Immunohistochemical characterisation of cells co-producing insulin and glucagon in the developing human pancreas

MJ Riedel, A Asadi, R Wang, Z Ao, GL Warnock… - Diabetologia, 2012 - Springer

… System). Images were analysed using MetaXpress (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA, USA). Quantification analysis. To … Individual images were combined using MetaXpress to recreate the entire pancreas section. The Multi …

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Myeloid lineage cells inhibit neurite outgrowth through a myosin II-dependent mechanism

M Pool, I Rambaldi, BA Durafourt, MC Wright… - Journal of …, 2011 - Elsevier

… Neurite outgrowth per cell was determined using the Neurite Outgrowth module of MetaXpress to measure the neurite lengths and the Multi-Wavelength Cell Scoring module of MetaXpress to count the neurons. Apoptosis was …

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Combining FLIPR and Transfluor: A novel assay for the sequential analysis of calcium flux and receptor desensitization

P Turpin, R Loui, J Quast, M Kassinos… - “Society for …, 2005 -

… 7. Pathway mapping. AcuityXpress, MetaXpress and ImageXpressMICRO are trademarks and FLIPR, FlexStation, SoftMax and Transfluor are registered trademarks of Molecular Devices … Left: analysis with the Transfluor Module for MetaXpress …

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NeuriteTracer: a novel ImageJ plugin for automated quantification of neurite outgrowth

M Pool, J Thiemann, A Bar-Or, AE Fournier - Journal of neuroscience …, 2008 - Elsevier

… DRG and hippocampal neurons. Values obtained by NeuriteTracer correlate strongly with those obtained by semi-manual tracing with NeuronJ and by using a sophisticated analysis package, MetaXpress. We reveal the utility …

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Novel imaging and analysis of zebrafish for high throughput screening

J Hesley, E Cromwell, PR Gedraitis… - Journal of …, 2011 -

… This analysis can be done by importing IsoCyte images into MetaXpress® software and using Integrated Morphometry Analysis to measure length. Length averages were compared to intensity of scatter from images analyzed during acquisition …

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Development and characterization of human iPSC-derived neurons for drug discovery applications

L Chase, M Strathman, J Grinager… - Biotechniques …, 2012 -

… iCell Neurons stained with class III β-tubulin (green) and DAPI stain (blue) using the Molecular Devices ImageXpress® Micro system and MetaXpress® analysis software … (B) Neurite outgrowth analysis using the Neurite Outgrowth module of MetaXpress Software. A. B. A …

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Short-term effects of 7-ketocholesterol on human adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

D Levy, JLM Ruiz, AT Celestino, SF Silva… - Biochemical and …, 2014 - Elsevier

… Apoptosis (%) was determined by the MetaXpress Cell Health software application. 2.5. Detection of caspase-3/7 activity … Caspase-3/7 activity was determined using the cell scoring MetaXpress software. 2.6. Measurement of transmembrane mitochondrial potential …

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An algorithm to quantify correlated collective cell migration behavior

B Slater, C Londono, AP McGuigan - Biotechniques, 2013 - Future Science

…Throughout the experiment, cells were maintained in a humidified atmosphere at 37°C and 5% CO 2 . Positional tracking of cells in each well was performed using the Multi-Dimensional Motion Analysis application module in the MetaXpress software package (Molecular …

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