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Detection of autophagy using automated imaging

O Sirenko -

… Materials • Cyto-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit (Enzo Life Sciences) • MitoTracker Orange dye (ThermoFisher Scientific) • LysoTracker Red dye (ThermoFisher Scientific) • Hoechst (ThermoFisher Scientific) • ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System with …

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Multi-parametric Human Cell-Based Inflammation Assay for Cytokines and Cell Surface Antigens

EF Cromwell, O Hoxha, N Bristol, B Dunstone, W Toy

… - Cytokine, 2018 - … The ImageXpress® Nano Automated Imaging System was used to monitor cells surface expression of VCAM and HLADR. The PuMA System runs ELISAs using existing antibody pairs without requiring antibody conjugation using small sample volumes (10‐20 μl). This …

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Park NX12 Microscope for NanoScale Imaging The Park NX12 is an inverted optical microscope based SPM platform for SICM, SECM, and SECCM, in addition to …


… Olympus Corporation ImageXpress® Nano Automated Imaging System The ImageXpress®Nano Automated Imaging System enables researchers to get better data faster and improve collabora- tions with peers—anywhere, anytime …

Severe platelet dysfunction in NHL patients receiving ibrutinib is absent in patients receiving acalabrutinib

AP Bye, AJ Unsworth, MJ Desborough… - Blood …, 2017 -

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Activation of WNT/β‐catenin signaling results in resistance to a dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor in colorectal cancer cells harboring PIK3CA mutations

YL Park, HP Kim, YW Cho, DW Min… - … journal of cancer, 2018 - Wiley Online Library

… drug was treated and cell viability was assessed using Cell-titer Glo 3D (Promega, US) after 6 days. Organoids images were obtained using ImageXpress Nano system (Molecular Devices, US). Mouse xenograft model All animal …

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Number of Citations*: 5

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