Citations : FLIPR: A New Instrument for Accurate, High Throughput Optical Screening

Dated: Mar 01, 1996

Publication Name: Journal of Biomolecular Screening

Modern optical screening assays demand high data throughput along with uncompromised data fidelity. FLIPR (Fluorescent Imaging Plate Reader) was developed to perform quantitative optical screening for cell-based kinetic assays. FLIPR incorporates an integrated design, including low-level optical detection, precise temperature control, and precise fluid handling, all in one package. The unique aspect of FLIPR is that all 96 wells of a standard microplate are stimulated and optically measured simultaneously. Kinetic updates on all 96 wells can be obtained in under 1 sec, allowing for transient signals to be quantified. Demonstrated applications include measurements of intracellular calcium, intracellular pH, and membrane potential.

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Contributors: Kirk S. Schroeder, Brad D. Neagle