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RNA processing and modification protein, carbon catabolite repression 4 (Ccr4), arrests the cell cycle through p21-dependent and p53-independent pathway

X Yi, M Hong, B Gui, Z Chen, L Li, G Xie, J Liang… - Journal of Biological …, 2012 - ASBMB

… Cultures in the well plates were measured at different time points by the CloneSelect TM Imager system (Genetix Ltd., New Milton, UK) and returned to the incubator … The percentage of cell confluence was measured every 24 h by the CloneSelect TM Imager system …

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Accurate non-invasive image-based cytotoxicity assays for cultured cells

P Marqués-Gallego, H den Dulk… - BMC …, 2010 -

… Here we show that both the CloneSelect Imager and the MTT approach result in comparable EC50 values when assaying the cytotoxicity of cisplatin and oxaliplatin on various cell lines … (A) measure with the MTT assay and (B) measure with the CloneSelect Imager system …

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A high-throughput automated platform for the development of manufacturing cell lines for protein therapeutics

S Shi, RGG Condon, L Deng, J Saunders… - JoVE (Journal of …, 2011 -

… Implementation of BD FACS Aria Cell Sorter, CloneSelect Imager and TECAN Freedom EVO liquid handling system has demonstrated significantly increased processing capacity in cell line development with improved cell line quality and high reproducibility. Cite this Article …

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