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A search for synergy in the binding kinetics of Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab whole and F (ab) to Her2

WH Lua, SKE Gan, DP Lane, CS Verma - NPJ Breast Cancer, 2015 -

… 2 We report here the experimental characterization of this interaction by measuring the binding kinetics (using the BLItz biosensor system, ForteBio, Pall, Singapore) of these two antibodies (whole antibodies and F(ab)s; see Figure 1) to the extracellular domain of Her2 in …

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BLItz Application Note Instant Protein Analysis using BLItz for Faster, Easier Bioprocess Development and Production

D King, W Ma, D Yao, R Tobias - Blitz Application Note, 2013 -

… King, Daniel and Ma, Weilei and Yao, Danfeng and Tobias, Renee (2013) BLItz Application Note Instant Protein Analysis using BLItz for Faster, Easier Bioprocess Development and Production. Blitz Application Note. Official URL: Abstract …

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Use of biosensor as a tool for double antibody sandwich immunoassay establishment

W Laopajon, S Surinkaew, P Phunpae… - Journal of Associated …, 2018 -

… [22]. ForteBio P. Blitz technology. California: Pall corporation; 2018 [cited 2018 March 3]; Available from: [23]. Laitinen OH, Hytonen VP, Nordlund HR, Kulomaa MS. Genetically engineered avidins and streptavidins. Cell Mol Life Sci …

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Development of Synthetic Platelets for Hemostatic Applications

AC Brown, S Stabenfeldt, B Ahn, R Hannan, K Dhada… -

… We utilized fibrinogen and fibrin-based ELISAs, along with the Fortébio BLITZ system, to characterize SP binding to fibrin … Binding of SPs to fibrin surfaces was further confirmed in a label free system utilizing the Fortébio BLITZ …

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Polymeric penetration enhancers promote humoral immune responses to mucosal vaccines

K Klein, JFS Mann, P Rogers, RJ Shattock - Journal of controlled release, 2014 - Elsevier

… Samples were loaded into a ForteBio BLITz machine (Fortebio, Inc., Menlo Park, CA) to evaluate binding interactions. Binding is measured as a wavelength shift in nanometers [5]. Analysis was performed using Graphpad Prism (version 4 for Mac) …

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Isotype switching increases efficacy of antibody protection against staphylococcal enterotoxin B-induced lethal shock and Staphylococcus aureus sepsis in mice

AK Varshney, X Wang, JL Aguilar, MD Scharff, BC Fries - MBio, 2014 - Am Soc Microbiol

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Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions

S Nadamuni - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 2013 -

… drug discovery. Dip and Read biosensors are designed for use on ForteBio's Octet ® and BLItz™ instrumentation systems … Silva. For single-sample microvolume protein analysis, ForteBio recently launched the BLItz platform. “Our …

Instrumentation and Hardware

S Hughes - Journal of laboratory automation, 2012 -

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RNA‐Seq highlights high clonal variation in monoclonal antibody producing CHO cells

CA Orellana, E Marcellin, RW Palfreyman… - Biotechnology …, 2018 - Wiley Online Library

… Monoclonal antibody was measured using a Protein A biosensor (BLItz, ForteBio) … A CloneSelect Imager (Genetix) was used to assess the growth profile of each clone and a Protein A biosensor ( BLItz, ForteBio) was utilized to measure antibody concentration …

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Design of a RANK-Mimetic Peptide Inhibitor of Osteoclastogenesis with Enhanced RANKL-Binding Affinity

J Hur, A Ghosh, K Kim, HM Ta, H Kim, N Kim… - Molecules and …, 2016 -

… Statistical analyses were performed using the unpaired Student t test, and p < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Biolayer interferometry (BLI). All measurements were made using a ForteBio BLItz instrument at 25°C (Pall ForteBio Corp., USA) …

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Number of Citations*: 493

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