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Microsecond time-scale discrimination among polycytidylic acid, polyadenylic acid, and polyuridylic acid as homopolymers or as segments within single RNA …

M Akeson, D Branton, JJ Kasianowicz, E Brandin… - Biophysical journal, 1999 - Elsevier

… Bilayers formed across the aperture of this device exhibit high resistance (>200 GΩ), low noise (<0.6 pA RMS at 5 kHz bandwidth in whole-cell mode, 0.2 pA RMS in patch mode using an Axopatch 200B amplifier), and are stable for many hours at applied voltages up to 200 mV …

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Noise analysis and reduction in solid-state nanopores

V Tabard-Cossa, D Trivedi, M Wiggin, NN Jetha… - …, 2007 -

… Figure 1 shows a schematic of the cell assembly. Ag/AgCl electrodes immersed on both sides of the pore are connected to a patch clamp amplifier (Axopatch 200B, Axon Instruments) to measure changes in ionic current with picoamp sensitivity …

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Amphetamine induces dopamine efflux through a dopamine transporter channel

KM Kahlig, F Binda, H Khoshbouei… - Proceedings of the …, 2005 - National Acad Sciences

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