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Compact microplate washer with maximum flexibility in a minimum footprint

The MultiWash+™ Microplate Washer is an automated, compact, quiet, efficient washer with 20 different wash protocol options. The variations include adjustable speed and volume, adjustable aspiration speed and time, adjustable soak times, and three modes of shaking. Four wash/rinse bottles are included and configurable for both 96- and 384-well plates.

  • Efficient

    Achieve efficiency

    Achieve efficient washing with cross-wise aspiration and reduce residual volume within each well. The washer is vacuum and pressure free, with on-board pumps for a quiet wash experience.

  • Streamline

    Eliminate pressurized bottles

    The washer can dispense in 50-μL increments and tubing can be inserted into a variety of containers because pressurized bottles are not required.

  • Optimize

    Gain benefits for lower throughputs

    Gain benefits of a microplate washer for lower throughput applications and any assay that needs washing as a primary, intermediary, or final step before quantitation.

MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

MultiWash+ Microplate Washer


  • Walk-up usability

    The 20 different wash protocols include up to eight cycles within each protocol for walk-up usability and flexibility.

  • Configurable Washing

    Settings include adjustable speed and volume, adjustable aspiration speed and time, and adjustable soak times, with three modes of shaking available to mix solutions.

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ELISA Workflow using the EMax plus Microplate Reader

ELISA Workflow Using the EMax plus Microplate Reader and MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

MultiWash™+ Microplate Washer


Part Number

MultiWash+ for 96-well plates: 4 liquid lines, 8-way manifold and tubing, 4 wash/rinse bottles (2L), 1 waste bottle (2.5L) MultiWash+
Optional 16-way manifold 5032338
Optional 12-way manifold) 5032336
Washer maintenance kit: 2 X T 2.5A spare fuses, 2 cleaning needles, tubing sets for all bottles, cleaning tool for needles, tubing set for manifold, and spare tubing set for manifold 5032339
External Tubing Kit (4-way) 5032340
Rinse bottle 2L 5032342

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