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SpectraTest Instrument Validation Packages

The SpectraTest® Validation Plates are valuable tools for verifying that absorbance-, fluorescence-, and luminescence-capable microplate readers are operating correctly for GMP and GLP laboratories.

  • Measure

    Measure absorbance with confidence

    Use photometric accuracy tests to verify how close an absorbance measurement is to the true value, which is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

  • Accuracy

    Measure fluorescence with confidence

    Determine the accuracy and repeatability of the wavelength selection with the monochromator, which includes separate tests for excitation and emission.

  • Validation

    Measure luminescence with confidence

    Qualify the kinetic noise that measures the stability of the optical system at low and high signals, including separate tests for spikes and drift at low and high levels.

SpectraTest LM1

SpectraTest LM1


  • SpectraTest ABS1 Validation Plate

    The SpectraTest ABS1 plate measures the sensitivity of the optical system ensuring that it is uncompromised by stray light.

  • SpectraTest FL1 Fluorescence Validation Plate

    The SpectraTest FL1 plate enables PMT matching to ensure linearity of signal over a greater dynamic range, and RFU (Relative Fluorescence Unit) scaling for optional adjustment of the RFU output.

  • SpectraTest LM1 Luminescence Validation Plate

    The SpectraTest LM1 plate enables tests for background noise and spikes, crosstalk to measure light from adjacent wells, and checks for left-to-right bias from the left to the right edge of the plate.

  • Data Analysis

    Preconfigured protocols in SoftMax Pro Software automatically generate and analyze data. In addition, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools allow for controlled access to test results with audit trails.

Applications of SpectraTest Validation Plates

Resources of SpectraTest Validation Plates

SpectraTest Validation Plates


Part Number

SpectraTest ABS1 Absorbance Validation Plate 0200-6117
SpectraTest FL1 Fluorescence Validation Plate 0200-5060
SpectraTest LM1 Luminescence Validation Plate 0200-6186
Cuvette Validation Set 0200-2420


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