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Support for Windows 7 has ended. Are you prepared?


Become compliant with FDA part 11 software validation

SoftMax® Pro 7.1.1 GxP Software is the latest, most secure software to achieve full FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with streamlined workflows to ensure data integrity. Every step is optimized to simplify analysis and reporting to support our microplate readers.

Our expert team will partner with you to set up single- or enterprise-level software, and provide IQ OQ services using our validation package to establish full compliance on your microplate readers. Major data privacy and security improvements support the latest GDPR regulations.

See how SoftMax Pro GxP Compliance Software meets 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex /11 requirements.

  • Track and record all changes

    Track and record all changes

    The system audit trail tracks all changes including date and time stamps, username, user ID, section statements, signature information and read results.

  • Maintain data integrity

    Maintain data integrity

    The paperless, document status system maintains data integrity with control over eSignatures and document workflows. Project teams can track documents while they are moving through development, review, release, and usage in a controlled environment.

SoftMax Pro 7.1 GxP Software

GxP compliance software features

  • Windows Active Directory

    Windows Active Directory

    User administration in a Windows Active Directory or via the GxP Admin software simplifies defining password criteria, reset and change periods, and reduces the amount of IT support.

  • Improved auto-save functionality

    Improved auto-save functionality

    New documents must be saved before they can be modified and documents are automatically saved before and after a read to prevent the loss of data.

  • Improved signing process

    Improved signing process

    Users can only sign a single pre- and post-release statement per document contributing to data integrity.

  • Projects feature

    Projects feature

    Project teams can be created where users can be assigned to different projects with different roles but can't have different roles in the same project.

  • Roles and permissions

    Roles and permissions

    Permissions are defined on a per role basis and assigned accordingly to users within projects to maintain a structured system. Three predefined roles—Scientist, Lab Manager, Lab Technician—accommodate the document release workflow, allowing first-time users to get started quickly.

  • Auto-export function

    Auto-export function

    Data can be exported to a location outside the database and various file formats are available to support the import into other applications such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or SDMS (Scientific Data Management System). XML is supported for data export and auto export.

Proven GxP solutions to assure data integrity and compliance

Our comprehensive suite of proven compliance solutions for GMP/GLP labs can advance your efforts to quickly and confidently establish a compliant laboratory.

  • Best-in-class microplate readers and washers support all your assay needs
  • IQ/OQ/PM services preserve instrument documentation in a digital and compliant format
  • Software installation services verify and document that required components are installed to operational specifications
  • Software validation service supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines
  • Validation plates test the performance of your microplate reader using traceable materials for reliable results
GxP compliance solutions for GMP-GLP labs


Applications of SoftMax Pro GxP Software

Specifications & Options of SoftMax Pro GxP Software


Helpful Tips:

  • To prevent data loss, turn off all sleep and hibernation settings for the hard disk, the CPU, and the USB ports
  • Disable automatic Windows Updates
  • Update Windows manually when the instrument isn't being used by the software; these options can be enabled in Windows Control Panel

Note: Installing and using the SoftMax Pro Software on the Windows XP operating system is no longer supported. The software is neither tested nor validated on Windows XP.

Resources of SoftMax Pro GxP Software

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GxP compliance solutions for GMP-GLP labs

GxP compliance solutions for GMP/GLP labs

How a complete set of software and validation tools

How a complete set of software and validation tools for microplate readers can help GMP/GLP labs meet FDA data integrity guidelines

SoftMax Pro 7.1 GxP Software

SoftMax Pro GxP Software compliance for microplate readers

Software and installation service

SoftMax® Pro GxP Software: Windows 10 compatible

Latest version of SoftMax Pro 7 GxP Software Suite includes: 3 software installations for each user license, GxP Admin Software, software IO/OQ validation package DVD, user license certificate, compliance certificate

Single computer setup Multi computer setup
Part number: SMP7X GXP SINGLE COMP * Part number: SMP7X GXP SERVER *
Installation service
Part number: SMPGXP-INSTALLADVSVR-OS (for custom server installation)
Additional user license purchases
Part number: SMP GXP ADD Part number: SMP GXP SVR ADD
*Requires purchase of a minimum of 3 licenses
**Applies to initial purchase only

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