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Overview of Recombinant CloneDetect

Recombinant CloneDetect is a unique, anti-human IgG (Fc-region) detection agent. Expressed in CHO cells, no raw materials of animal origin are used during production.

  • High specificity and affinity for all sub-classes of human IgG
  • Specific to the Fc region
  • Label-free, in situ detection of IgG secretion
  • Each batch is subjected to rigorous safety assessment, with full certification

Ordering Options of Recombinant CloneDetect

Recombinant CloneDetect

Recombinant CloneDetect, anti-human IgG Detection agent. Fluorescein labelled. - PN: K8295

10000U / 1 ml 


$1,617.00 USD


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