Overview of Bioassay QTrays

Ideal for large scale culture and screening of bacterial colonies, regional picking and high throughput protein expression. The vented lid aids removal of condensation. Can be supplied with a 48-well divider to provide a cost effective alternative to petri dishes.

Ordering Options of Bioassay QTrays

Qtray with cover, polystyrene, sterile. 10 trays/case. 5 cases/order.

QTray with cover - polystyrene - sterile - PN: X6023


$210.00 USD


Vented Qtray with cover and 48 well divider, polystyrene, 242 x 240 x 20 mm, sterile, individually wrapped, 20 per box

QTray with cover & 48-well divider - polystyrene - sterile - PN: X6029


$345.00 USD


48 well dividers for qtray, polystyrene, sterile, individually wrapped, 20 per box

48-well dividers for Qtray - polystyrene - sterile - PN: X6026


$162.00 USD


Glass Plating Beads

Glass Plating Beads - PN: X5200

500 beads per bag, 3 bags


$224.00 USD