ValitaTiter from biologics discovery to production


Rapid & high-throughput IgG quantification from biologics discovery to production

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Expedite time to market with the fastest and easiest IgG quantification assay in the industry

The ability to reliably monitor protein titer in real time throughout a bioprocess allows operators to rapidly adjust the process conditions for maximum protein output while minimizing process time. Quick access to titer data also enables earlier decisions regarding preparation of downstream processes, further reducing the production timeline.

IgG Quantification Assay

Integrating ValitaTiter and Molecular Devices fluorescence polarization (FP) plate readers produces a seamless IgG titer assay setup and optimization. Cell line development teams will realize savings on time and resources, as well as faster time-to-market by utilizing a single technology for measuring a critical quality attribute during target selection, process development, and production QC.

High-throughput Cell Line Development (Cld) Workflows

Producing rapid results compared to HPLC, ELISA, and biolayer interferometry, ValitaTiter is the most efficient assay for minimizing costs and time to results because it works in the presence of cells, minimizes dilutions, eliminates wash steps, and easily integrates into (automated) high-throughput cell line development (CLD) workflows.

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