Enzyme - IMAP Assays

IMAP Assay Kit
IMAP Evaluation Demo Kit #R8166
$730.00 USD

IMAP Evaluation Demo Kit
Optimized 800 data point IMAP kit which includes calibrators (phosphorylated and un-phosphorylated peptides) to run a calibration curve for either FP or TR-FRET detection

IMAP TR-FRET Evaluation Kit (with Progressive Binding System) #R8161
$730.00 USD

IMAP TR-FRET Evaluation Kit with Progressive Binding System
Optimized 800 data point protocol to run IMAP with the Progressive Binding System; Additional kinase and substrate are required

IMAP FR PDE Evaluation Kit #R8175
$1,338.00 USD

IMAP FP PDE Evaluation Kits

IMAP TR-FRET PDE Evaluation Kit (with cAMP and cGMP substrates) #R8176
$1,338.00 USD

IMAP TR-FRET PDE Evaluation Kits
Includes optimized protocol, cAMP and cGMP substrates; customer provides their own PDE enzyme

IMAP® technology provides a homogeneous assay applicable to a wide variety of kinases, phosphatases, and phosphodiesterases without regard for substrate peptide sequence. The assay is a simple mix-and-read procedure allowing accurate determination of enzyme activity.