Certified Refurbished Instruments

Molecular Devices' Certified Refurbished Instruments Support

If you are a budget-conscious researcher, don't settle for the performance uncertainty of a used instrument from any other dealer than Molecular Devices. Be confident in Molecular Devices' Certified Refurbished Instruments as a genuine and trusted solution that doesn't compromise performance, quality, support or value.

Molecular Devices' Certified Refurbished Instruments are:


Accept only the best. Only Molecular Devices Certified Refurbished Instruments start with a known service history to ensure instrument robustness.


Like-new performance is guaranteed with a comprehensive inspection by a certified Molecular Devices Service Technician.


Only Molecular Devices-certified service technicians and parts are used to re-manufacture instruments to like-new condition.


Because every Molecular Devices Certified Refurbished Instrument is meticulously inspected and thoroughly reconditioned, we can comfortably sell them with the same one year warranty as a new instrument.


Fully licensed software ensures you are in full compliance and get the best support from our worldwide service and support organization.

Any of our products may be available as a Molecular Devices Certified Refurbished Instrument. Contact our Sales Team for pricing and availability information.