Molecular Devices Wins Patent Case In Europe

-Patent No. 1802752 “Parellel Patch Clamp System” Upheld in European Patent Office-

Sunnyvale, California - October 7, 2016.

Molecular Devices, LLC, a company committed to providing innovative analytical solutions for protein and cell biology, announced today that its European Patent No. 1802752 titled “Parallel Patch Clamp System” was upheld by the European Patent Office in its original form, following a recent Opposition Proceeding.

Molecular Devices’ patent went through Opposition Proceedings before the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office as a result of a challenge from an analytical instrument company. The European Patent Office concluded that Molecular Devices’ patent, whose claims are directed to systems and methods of making high-throughput electrophysiological measurements, is valid as originally issued.

“Our robust portfolio of over 300 issued patents and numerous pending patent applications are proof of our commitment to develop new and meaningful workflow solutions enabling landmark scientific achievements. We will continue to invest in and defend our intellectual property.” said Greg Milosevich, President of Molecular Devices.

“We are delighted that the Opposition Division has acknowledged the inventive concept of this technology. We are determined to protect the intellectual property assets that cover our unique technology from any challenge,” Milosevich concluded.

About Opposition Proceedings before the European Patent Office (EPO)

EPO Opposition Proceedings are post-grant adversarial proceedings in which interested third parties can challenge the validity of a European patent. The decision of the Opposition Division to uphold Molecular Devices’ EP 1802752 is open to an appeal to one of the EPO’s Technical Boards of Appeal.