Molecular Devices launches new environmental control and z-stack acquisition for ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System

Molecular Devices announced several new features including environmental control and z-stack acquisition for the ImageXpress® Pico system, highlighted at ASCB | EMBO 2018, December 8-12 in San Diego, California. Scientists can now monitor and run live cell and timelapse assays as well as capture sharper images for deeper insights in 3D models.

The fully integrated environmental control (EC) option utilizes both humidity and real-time gas monitoring to promote healthy cell growth during long exposure experiments. The system includes CellReporterXpress™ Automated Imaging and Analysis Software with preconfigured analysis modules including the new double marker expression algorithm for multi-parametric analysis. Scientists can now leverage plug and play image visualization for 3D cell models with the new Z-stack acquisition module.

“We strive to continually evolve our products to match our customers’ needs. These new features enable scientists to expand their research to include more relevant cell model systems and more complex analysis at an affordable price point,” said Jeff McMillan, Senior Product Manager for Cellular Imaging at Molecular Devices.

Molecular Devices delivers a diverse imaging portfolio to allow scientists easier access to protein and cell biology tools to advance their discoveries.

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