Blueshift Biotechnologies introduces the IsoCyte - a laser scanning, multi-mode fluorimeter that performs 2-D anisotropy

Sunnyvale, CA - January 3rd, 2005 Blueshift Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today the launch of its first product, the IsoCyteTM. The IsoCyteTM is a bench top fluorescence laser scanning imager with the unique ability to generate two-dimensional anisotropy data. Anisotropy is the degree of polarization of emitted light from a molecule after excitation with polarized light. Small, freely rotating molecules scramble their emission polarization while large or bound molecules retain the polarization of the excitation. The technology behind this instrument was derived from sophisticated inspection devices originally designed and used in semiconductor quality control.

The official product launch will take place at the LabAutomation 2005 tradeshow on January 30th in San Jose, California. The IsoCyteTM enables robust, real-time technology for spot, bead, and cell classification and enumeration in highly miniaturized assays. The instrument can measure four emission colors in the intensity domain and two in the anisotropy domain and is capable of sub-micron resolution with optics designed to interrogate the binding state and microenvironment of fluorescent probes. Binding, steric effects, and changes in viscosity, influence the rotational mobility of a molecule and can be used to characterize its physical state. The company and its partners are developing assays that take advantage of this readout.