Women in Engineering Day

Jul 31, 2018

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Sharing insights with students from UC Berkeley


Clarissa Danif, a member of our engineering team, recently hosted a Women in Engineering Day at our San Jose, California facility. Clarissa has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University. In addition to her role as a Manufacturing Engineer, Clarissa is actively involved in Kaizen events as both a participant and a leader.

Several engineering students from the University of California, Berkeley spent the day with Clarissa to gain real-world insights, and explore the varied and exciting opportunities for engineers in life science research. Departments from across the company contributed their time and expertise to help guide the next generation of engineers. We’d like to thank our team members Maria Tellaria (Supply Chain), Krithika Sridhar, Mike Youngquist (R&D), Peter Miu (Field Applications), Sushma Birur, Evan Whildin, and Natalie Stottler (Engineering) for their involvement in this informative and valuable event.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuously improving our culture:

  • We believe that real breakthroughs come from teams that think big and respect each other’s differences – different ideas, different perspectives, and different experiences
  • We encourage all voices to be heard, both internally as we collaborate and externally as we listen to our customers’ most pressing needs
  • We empower creativity and unconventional thinking to help us uncover breakthrough solutions and accelerate the pace of innovation