New Corporate Website Launched with Focus on Drug Discovery, Life Science Research, & Bioassays/Tests

Sep 14, 2010

Sunnyvale, Calif. - September 14, 2010 - Molecular Devices, Inc. today announced the launch of its new corporate website. The infrastructure of the new site is focused on its three main audience segments: Drug Discovery Scientists (BioPharma), Life Science Researchers (BioResearch), and Bioassay/Test Developers (BioTesting).

Molecular Devices has a singular focus on helping its customers-both existing and prospective--succeed. This dedication is reflected in the audience-centric organization of the new site, where the main choices on the home page are targeted to the unique needs of its BioPharma, BioResearch, and BioTesting audience segments. The website also offers more traditional navigation paths by Products and by Applications.

According to Mark Verheyden, President of Molecular Devices, the audience-centric organization was the obvious choice from the beginning: "The main driving factor of our business--the reason our employees come to work every day-is to meet the needs of basic and applied life science researchers," said Mr. Verheyden, "so given the importance of our website as a vehicle for two-way communication with them, it just made sense to build it with their needs & perspectives as a first priority."

Molecular Devices encourages everyone interested in the company, its products, its key application areas as well as drug discovery & development, basic life science research, or bioassay/test development to visit the site at The company is interested in your thoughts and perspectives for ongoing improvements to the site, so please submit feedback via the link in the Contacts section.