Molecular Devices University to Offer a Range of Valuable Training Courses

Aug 03, 2011

Sunnyvale, CA - August  2, 2011 - Today, Molecular Devices, LLC, a leading provider of instruments, software, and consumables for drug discovery and life sciences research, announced that it will offer a range of training courses through Molecular Devices University. These courses help customers with Molecular Devices instruments, software, and reagents through practical to in-depth training by application scientists and support professionals in the field.

"We will be offering a variety of training courses throughout the year to help our customers realize the full value of our products," said Anita Kant, Molecular Devices Application Scientist and Training Manager. "If you are a user of our instruments, software, or reagents, there will be several courses you do not want to miss."

Customers will be able to explore the capabilities of SoftMax® Pro Microplate Data Acquisition & Analysis Software and GenePix® Pro Microarray Analysis Software. They can boost their knowledge of each software's potential through the training courses on offer. Course attendees at Molecular Devices University will see and learn how to use Molecular Devices latest technologies and capabilities as well as the most up-to-date techniques and best practices.

Upcoming Molecular Devices University training courses include:

  • SoftMax Pro Software Advanced Training - offers detailed protocol writing, effective data analysis, tips and tricks for writing custom formulas, and more
  • SoftMax Pro Software Advanced Training plus Compliance - offers in-depth coverage on regulatory compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • GenePix Pro Software - offers training on streamlined microarray workflow, effective microarray analysis, tips and tricks on scanning and analysis, and more
  • Microplate Assays: DNA, Protein Analysis, and Immunodetection - provides an understanding of the science behind traditional and new detection methods, hands-on experiments, and more
  • GPCR on FlexStation® 3 - offers insights on GPCR signal transduction pathways and readouts, hands-on experiments, and more
  • ADP Quest™ and ADP Hunter™ Assays (with DiscoveRx Corporation) - presents hands-on training course of ADP Quest and ADP Hunter assay platforms by DiscoveRx on Molecular Devices' microplate readers
  • HTRF Technology (with Cisbio Bioassays) - presents hands-on training course on HTRF assay platform from Cisbio Bioassays on Molecular Devices' microplate readers
  • Custom Training - designed and customized to meet the additional training a customer may need

Go to Molecular Devices website ( to register for training courses, as well as updates and more information.