Molecular Devices introduces third Imap Substrate Finder for kinases

Mar 21, 2005

Sunnyvale, Calif. March 21, 2005 - Molecular Devices Corporation (Nasdaq: MDCC) today announced the introduction of its third IMAP® Substrate Finder for kinases, following the launch of its first two in 2004. The IMAP Substrate Finder products are essential tools for the identification and characterization of optimal kinase substrates, and enable researchers to significantly accelerate their kinase assay development for known and newly-identified kinases. Together the three IMAP Substrate Finders provide an array of more than 150 kinase substrates that cover representative kinases for all areas of the human kinome

The Substrate Finders are based on Molecular Devices' IMAP platform, which provides advanced tools for assay development and high throughput screening (HTS) of kinases, one of the most important target classes in drug discovery today. In pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, it is estimated that over 20% of the drug discovery efforts are focused on protein kinase inhibitors. A wide range of diseases, including cancer, inflammation, diabetes, congestive heart failure and neurological damage, are related to kinase malfunction. Finding tools that can provide quick, reliable solutions for targeting kinase inhibitors is critical to the acceleration of the drug discovery process.

"The pharmaceutical industry has recognized the therapeutic potential of protein kinase inhibitors. For example, there are several successful cancer drugs on the market that inhibit kinases, such as Gleevec® and IREESATM, and approximately 25 protein kinase inhibitors in different stages of clinical development," stated Susan Clark, Director of Reagents Marketing at Molecular Devices. "Drug development in this area is in its infancy and with over 500 protein kinases in the human kinome, it represents a major opportunity for new drug targets. Furthermore, the scientific and technical design of the IMAP platform allows researchers to move through assay development, screening and hit evaluation with virtually any kinase. We are pleased that IMAP continues to be the preferred platform to screen for kinase activity."

Protein kinases play a broad role in cell signaling and are involved in almost every major cellular process. Since kinases are involved in so many vital cellular processes, they are inextricably linked to onset and progression of many disease states. Researchers are aggressively seeking new novel drug compounds to inhibit the kinases responsible for these diseases. One of the major roadblocks facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is in the early stages of assay development when searching for a suitable kinase substrate. The IMAP Substrate Finder accelerates this difficult task by providing a quick, sensitive, yet inexpensive method to screen dozens of substrates in a couple of hours versus days or weeks.