MDS Analytical Technologies launches Molecular Devices SpectraMax M3 and M4 multi-mode microplate readers

Dec 16, 2009

SUNNYVALE, CA, December 16, 2009 - MDS Analytical Technologies, a leader in innovative solutions for drug discovery and life-sciences research, today announced the launch of the Molecular Devices® SpectraMax® M3 and M4 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers. These two new systems, which are now commercially available, were designed specifically in response to requests from existing users of SpectraMax® Readers for more affordable multi-mode detection capabilities. By offering two new configurations of multi-mode readers that deliver increased capabilities over the M2/M2e Dual-Mode Readers at a more affordable price than the top-of-the-line M5/M5e Multi-Mode Readers, MDS Analytical Technologies can now meet an even greater combination of detection, application, and budgetary needs.

"With the launch of the Molecular Devices® SpectraMax® M3 and M4 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers, we now offer a full range of multi-mode detection capabilities within our SpectraMax® product line," said Andy Boorn, President of MDS Analytical Technologies. "With this complete portfolio of multi-mode configurations, we can deliver multi-mode detection into the hands of just about any research scientist who needs the technology. More importantly, we have addressed the needs of our customers for multi-mode readers that fit a variety of budget and application needs."

Furthermore, since research needs change continually as science advances, MDS Analytical Technologies designed the M3 and M4 readers as modular systems to ensure users had access to easy upgrade paths. The Molecular Devices® SpectraMax® M3 Reader provides three detection modes: UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence intensity, and luminescence, but can be upgraded to include time-resolved fluorescence and/or fluorescence polarization modes. The M4 Reader offers the same modes as the M3 Reader, plus time-resolved fluorescence, and can be upgraded to include fluorescence polarization.

Like all SpectraMax® Readers, the new M3 and M4 readers leverage patented technologies to deliver added value to users. The readers are built on a dual-monochromator platform to deliver the convenience of a monochromator-based instrument with sensitivity similar to filter-based platforms. In addition, SpectraMax® Readers enable well-volume detection via the patented PathCheck® Sensor and superior optical capabilities via a patented Smart OpticsTM Design. All SpectraMax® M Series Readers accommodate a cuvette as well as six-well to 384-well standard microplates. All leverage the same industry-leading SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software which offers users more than 150 pre-programmed application protocols. In addition, SoftMax® Pro GxP Software helps users adhere to United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21CFR Part 11 compliance requirements. Few other microplate readers offer this combination of flexibility, sensitivity, ease-of-use, and brand value while accommodating almost any combination of detection, application, and budgetary needs.