Hudson Robotics Chosen as Preferred Automation Vendor for ForteBio's Label-Free Work Cell

Oct 21, 2010

October 21, 2010, Springfield, NJ — Hudson Robotics, Inc., a leading provider of flexible solutions in laboratory automation, today announced they have been chosen as a preferred automation vendor for ForteBio's Label-Free Octet® platform work cell. This label-free work cell allows scientists to automate acquisition of protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding kinetic data, as well as direct quantitation assays - all of which can be carried out on the ForteBio line of instrumentation utilizing BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) technology. The work cell enables real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions and provides information on affinity, kinetics and concentration. ForteBio's Octet® platform provides instruments, Dip and Read™ biosensors, reagents and assay kits for analyzing biomolecular interactions in 96- and 384-well microplate formats.

Octet384 and HudsonDip and Read biosensors are coated with a proprietary biocompatible matrix that is uniform and non-denaturing, with minimal non-specific binding. The tips are derivatized and ready for use in a diverse set of biomolecular applications spanning the entire small molecule and biotherapeutic drug discovery paradigm. Biosensors can also be customized for unique applications. Multiple layers can be bound and detected, opening a vast array of approaches to detecting and characterizing biological interactions. To date, over 2.5 million biosensors have been shipped, attesting to the high reproducibility, accuracy, precision and robustness of the platform. Chris Silva, Vice President of Marketing at ForteBio said, “ForteBio and Hudson have worked to develop an out-of-the-box, integrated automation solution that can be used with ForteBio’s Octet® QK384 and RED384 systems for small molecule analysis, fragment screening and protein characterization.” As described by Phil Farrelly, President of Hudson Robotics, “The label-free work cell enables researchers to fully automate a high-value protein binding assay in a very small, benchtop footprint. Hudson’s PlateCrane EX™ robot arm feeds both ForteBio’s biosensor racks and sample plates to the Octet reader.” He continued “Also part of this work cell is Hudson’s Micro10x robotic reagent dispenser, to prepare sample plates immediately prior to reading. A bar code scanner is included, to place the microplate’s barcode into the reader’s output data file. Finally, the included SoftLinx interface controls both instruments and instructs ForteBio’s software to load and run the appropriate protocol.” Mr. Silva continued, “ForteBio has elevated Hudson Robotics to ‘preferred’ automation vendorstatus due to their increased collaboration and implementation of current integrations in the field as well as the companies collaborative efforts to promote the integrated solution for target bioprocess, protein characterization and small molecule drug discovery applications. In addition the flexibility of Hudson's automated tools, their liquid handling and robotics allows Octet users to configure a work cell to meet their required workflows.” Data collected using the integrated work cell was presented at the Fragment Based Lead Discovery (FBLD) meeting by Roche in Philadelphia and Hudson plans to showcase this product at Lab Automation 2011 in Palm Springs, CA.

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