ForteBio introduces high precision Octet system biosensor for process development rigor

Aug 12, 2019

August 12, 2019 - ForteBio, the Biologics Business Unit of Molecular Devices, announced today at Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, the release of the new High Precision Streptavidin 2.0 (SAX2) biosensor for the Octet® platform. Focused on meeting customers’ needs to minimize variability from consumables, the SAX2 biosensors are controlled to meet the most stringent of assay precision requirements with <4% CV within lots and <20% between lots.

Streptavidin biosensors are used for quick and easy customization of biosensors to make quantitative and kinetic measurements with any biotin-tagged molecule. By applying a higher level of precision with SAX2, this flexible capture method can be more readily developed and qualified in downstream and regulated applications, such as product release testing, activity assays in manufacturing, and more.

“The SAX2 biosensor rounds out our product and service offerings to our GxP customers, giving them fast and reliable tools from qualifying instruments to validating methods and maintaining data integrity,” said Laurent Claisse, General Manager for ForteBio.

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ForteBio is a business unit of Molecular Devices, offering products that span multiple technology vectors including analytical instrumentation and software, clone picking and imaging, and automation and customization of engineering solutions. Our customers perform crucial work in life sciences research across academic, government and industrial settings, including pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing.

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